Interlift 2019 in Augsburg

The Interlift 2019 in Augsburg lies behind us. We’ve appreciated the meetings with you and due to gained a great value for our company. Thank you for taking time to visit our booth and for the possibility for convincing you of the quality of our products. We hope that the Interlift 2019 was as successful […]

E-safety gear Dynatech

With the certification of the electromechanical activation systems DA (single-acting) and DA UD (double-acting), Dynatech brings the electromechanical safety gear onto the market. This system was developed for driving the current ASG and ASG UD brake safety devices and maintains the previous area of ​​application of up to 4.5 tons, with the same technical and […]

Program changes LDO AC4.0 and AC4.5

Program changes in the first half of 2020: LDO AC 4.0 on variant 1.02.012 Improved running behavior during initial commissioning and basic setting through parameter adjustment Noise reduction through controlled spring release after the command is removed To meet electricity saving requirements (VDE 4707 part 1), parameters were adjusted and driving characteristics changed Increase in […]