The ETG (Elevator Trading GmbH) is a medium-sized company with headquarters in Krostitz, near Leipzig. We are a manufacturer of elevator doors and cabins. Our product range also includes safety systems, door control, control conversion kits, spare parts and modernization products. Our customers are from many different countries: Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Great Britain, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey and China.

Smooth coordination between our sales department, development, construction as well as production ensures that all customer wishes can be processed quickly and carefully. The principles of our work are professionalism, determination, flexibility and the "know-how” of more than 20 years. Our success is based on these principles and on our very competent and committed workforce.

ETG Koemmlitzer Str


1990 Foundation of Stahlbau Podelwitz GmbH
March 1994 Removal to new accommodation
Apr. 1996 Foundation of Elevator Trading GmbH to increase the sales activities
Nov. 1996 Start of producing elevator doors
2000 Exhibitor at the "China World Elevator Expo 2000" in Shanghai
1996 – 2001 Expansion of the door product range
2001 ETG starts with the production of elevator cabins in Krostitz
2004 Adding safety systems against overspeed to the product range
Feb. 2004 Organization of the "East German Elevator Days" in Krostitz under the patronage of VDMA
Nov. 2004 Exhibitor at the "Lift 2004" in Milan
Apr. 2005 Exhibitor at the "Asansör 2005" in Istanbul
May 2005 Start of production 3 panel side opening- and 6 panel central opening elevator doors
May 2005 Exhibitor at the "Lift-Expo-Russia" in Moscow
Sep. 2005 Start of producing elevator door M300 (changed door system)
Oct. 2005 Exhibitor at the "Interlift 2005" in Augsburg
March 2006 Exhibitor at the "Heilbronner Elevator Days" Heilbronn
Nov. 2006 Stahlbau Podelwitz GmbH merged with Elevator Trading GmbH to become ETG Elevator Trading GmbH
1.Q. 2007 System portal 30 (reduced portal to 30 mm) is produced in addition to the system portal 55 as standard size
1.Q. 2007 Launching of  "m2s-doors" for both portal systems (shaft depth is reduced to 66 mm  for
2 panel central opening doors)
2.Q. 2007 New color design options for cabin walls with powder coating structure
Apr. 2007 Exhibitor at the "Asansör 2007" in Istanbul
Oct. 2007 Exhibitor at the "Interlift 2007" in Augsburg
2.Q. 2009 First production of elevator doors acc. to DIN EN 81-71 "protection against vandalism" in the categories 0,1 and 2
Oct. 2009 Exhibitor at the "Interlift 2009" in Augsburg
1.Q. 2010 ETG started production of elevator doors acc. to DIN EN 81-58 „elevator doors with fire resistance“
1.Q. 2010 Product range expansion with shaft ladders
1.Q. 2010 ETG uses LED-technique as the new cabin illumination
Oct. 2010 Exhibitor at the "EURO-Lift" in Kielce
4.Q. 2010 A new logo for ETG
2.Q. 2011 Rope pulleys in different variations were launched as new ETG products
Oct. 2011 Exhibitor at the "Interlift 2011" in Augsburg
3.Q. 2011 Product range expansion with oil drip pans
3.Q. 2011

ETG presented the "Marathon 3000" as a powerful elevator door with low prices

Nov. 2011

Our new Homepage is online

June 2012

Counter weights and hand rails established

July 2012

Safety system acc. to A3 expanded the product range 

Oct. 2012

Exhibitor at the "EURO-Lift" in Kielce

Oct. 2013

Exhibitor at the "Interlift 2013" in Augsburg

Mar. 2014

Introduction of our new door drive LDO AC 3.0 as replacement of the LDO AC 2.2

Sept. 2016

Move to Kömmlitzer Straße 5, 04519 Rackwitz