Door drive conversion kit

Description: conversion kit LDO DC 2.0

  • DC-controlled drive conversion kit

Consist of:

  • Drive unit LDO DC 2.0 / 180 complete (control LDO DC 2.0, gear motor, transformer and documentation) left or right (pinion on the motor)


  • Motor mount
  • Tooth belt tension- and deflection unit
  • Clamping unit
  • Tooth belt STS 4 m

Description: conversion kit LDO AC 2.2

  • Alternating current regulated conversion kit

Composed of:

  • Drive unit LDO AC 2.2 / 200 or 420 kg complete (control LDO AC 2.2, gear motor, encoder mounted, tooth belt [560mm long], motor base and documentation)
  • Left or right (drive pinion at the motor)


  • Motor shaft unit
  • Deflection unit
  • Clamping unit
  • Tooth belt STS 4 m
  • Control of a second driving cycle