Elevator cabin

  • cabin measures acc. to customers' demand
  • variable sizes
  • acc. to EN81-20
kab ger blechkabinesteel cabin with
open through
kab ger lastenkabinefreight cabin kab ger kabinen02
kab ger glaskabineglass cabin kab ger rohkabineraw-cabin


Glass wall panel - coloured glass lining


VSG glazing in aluminium swivelling profiles with metal
sheet frames -> green glass
coloured glass lining with behind embedded monitor and
LED lighting -> white glass
 kab eng glaswandfeld masse kab ger kabinen03 


Cabin walls

  • edged C-profiles
  • screwed wall panels
  • sound elimination on the shaft side
  • corner connecting elements


Stainless steel structured, group 1.4016 (AISI 430) / 1.4301 (AISI 304)
Korn_240grain 240 Korn_240(fine) brushed
Stainless steel structured, group 1.4016 (AISI 430) / 1.4301 (AISI 304)
LeinenLinen Karo_21Square 21
RauteRhomb LederLeather
Steel galvanized, powder coated (even surface or structured), colour choice: RAL classic //
(standard smooth, silk gloss according to QIB Directive cat. 2 (**) – gloss grade 50 – 80%)
weitere_FarbtoeneRAL Classic
(other colour
systems are possible
on request)
verkehrsweisRAL 9016
traffic white
fine texture
RAL_9006RAL 9006
white aluminium
holzdesignsheet plate with
wooden design foil
- bright (DL68)
holzdesign dunkelsheet plate with
wooden design foil
- dark (DL51E)
Steel galvanized, primed, covered with
Colourglaspanelcoloured glass (ESG)
panels with vertical
shadow gap similar to
RAL colours
(ESG = toughened
safety glass)
Spiegelpanelmirror panel (VSG)
with vertical
shadow gap
(VSG = laminated
safety glass)
mahagonisuspended panels
real wood veneer
HPL-PlattenHPL panels, wood
design "beech"
(bright), edge to
edge (HPL = high
pressure laminate)
HPL-Platten01HPL panels, wood
design "Indian
Apple" (dark), edge
to edge

*further materials and materialgroup (st st) on demand

kab ger musterbsp01sample of a coloured glass panel

kab ger musterbsp02monitor installed behind
coloured glass


Main ceiling and suspended ceiling (foldable)

  • total height 70mm
  • shadow gap 35mm circular

Suspended ceiling

kab ger decke01white structured with
LED spots
kab ger decke02stainless steel with
LED spots

led einsatzLED input
(3W, 230V AC)

led einsatz 2LED insert
thief-proof, warm
white, 3W 230V AC
(can be used without a


kab ger decke03stainless steel grounded with
hole pattern, round
kab ger decke04stainless steel grounded with
hole pattern quadratic
kab ger decke05stainless steel grounded with
hole pattern irregular
kab ger decke06stainless steel grounded with
hole pattern D26/D18/D10
kab ger decke07light area 550x550 mm
with LED light panel

kab ger decke08ceiling with sati n-fi nished
glass st st frame 60 mm
circular (also as subsequently
installed ceiling)
kab ger decke09light area 250x550 mm
with VSG satined
kab ger decke10light area 250x250
with LED light panel
kab ger decke11suspended ceiling with
indirect lighting with
LED tape
kab ger musterbsp03sample of LED light panel,
ceiling with satin-finished glass
kab ger musterbsp04sample of indirect lighting kab ger musterbsp05sample of LED tubes,
glass ceiling
kab ger musterbsp06sample of ornamental
glass ceiling

Cabin floor

» sheet metal construction, 70mm high

Different coverings
Rubber carpet, unicoloured with classic round nubs, anti-slip property R9
kautschuck graugrey kautschuck blaublue kautschuck schwarzblack kautschuck grungreen
Elastic safety plastic carpet, multicoloured, anti-slip property R10
grundfarbe_kittbasic color
kab ger boden elastisch graubasic color "Grey" kab ger boden elastisch schwarzbasic color "Black" kab ger boden elastisch cosmicdesign "Metallica Cosmic" kab ger boden elastisch energydesign "Metallica Energy" kab ger boden elastisch moondesign "Metallica Moon"
Bulb plate
aluminiumaluminium 2,5/4mm
anti-slip property R11
edelstahl_quibtettst st Quintett
2,5/4mm anti-slip
property R12
edelstahl_35_50mmst st 3,5/5mm anti-slip
property R12
edelstahl_se_tb1st st SE-TB1 anti-slip
property R11
stahl_grundiertsteel primed anti-slip
property R11
Agglomerate panels - lightweight panel in natural stone on plastic carrier, 6,6mm thickness
kab ger boden agglo whitestar"White Star" kab ger boden agglo whitecopper"White Copper" kab ger boden agglo bianco"Bianco Titanio" kab ger boden agglo terracotta"Terracotta" kab ger boden agglo darkblue"Dark Blue" kab ger boden agglo blackdiamnond"Black Diamond"
Granit "Grama Blend" - lightweight panel in natural stone on aluminium carrier, 8mm thickness
kab ger boden granit azul"Azul Bahia" kab ger boden granit jupa"Juparana Colombo" kab ger boden granit labrador"Labrador Blue Pearl" further designs
on demand


Cabin mirror


spiegelmirror VSG* 6mm crystal,
glued on wall, 1/2 height
kab ger spiegel handlauffliesmirror VSG* 6mm crystal,
glued on wall, with handrail-
frieze (divided mirror, handrail
fi xed on sheet plate)
kab ger spiegel kabinenhoehemirror VSG* 6mm crystal,
glued on wall, total height
spiegel_04mirror VSG* 6mm crystal,
300mm wide, flush-even,
total height (2090mm)

*VSG = laminated safety glass


Cabin handrail

Polished stainless steel
kab ger handlauf geradestraight, ø35mm,
variable length
kab ger handlauf enden gebogenrounded ends, ø35mm,
lengths: 311, 466mm, 931mm
or 1736mm
kab ger handlauf eck bogenHandrail surrounding
the corners, rounded
kab ger handlauf eck gehrungHandrail surrounding the
corners, bevelled
Wood ("Beech")
kab ger handlauf holz geradestraight, ø40mm, stainless
steel spacer, variable length
kab ger handlauf enden holz gebogenØ40mm with rounded ends
(wood-stainless steel combinati on)
further lengths


Cabin accessory



Fender hardwood

  • hardwood Beech
  • 200/100 x 20mm
  • polished and painted
  • visible screwing
fender in black rubber on demand available

Fender stainless steel

  • st st grain 240 (covered)
  • 200x20mm, 100x15mm
  • st st group 1.4016 (AISI 430)
  • hidden fixation
kab ger rammschutz kunststoff

Fender HDPE plastic

  • 200 x 20mm or on request
  • covered fixtures
RAL 9016
"Traffic White"
kab ger rammschutz kunststoff granit"Light granite" RAL 7035
RAL 9004
RAL 5015
RAL 1021
"Rape yellow"
RAL 3020
"Traffic red"
RAL 6032


  • st st brushed
  • C-profi le 100x15mm /
    60x20mm edged
  • st st group 1.4016 (AISI 430)
  • hidden fixation

Folding seat without back

  • st st
  • attached on the wall
  • stiffened at backside
  • also counter-sunk possible

Door fitting

  • for Marathon doors (ETG)
  • for other door brands

Design acc. to fire service
elevators(on demand)

  • opening in roof
  • ladder box with/without door
  • fixation for outside ladder

Preparation for customer panels



  • low-noise

We're always trying to realise other details, sizes, designs or materials - please demand for this!