UCM-Unit conform to A3 - complete protection against uncontrolled movements of the elevator car with open doors

The unit complies with the UNE-EN 81-1 standard: 1998 + A3: 2009, by using the governor as a UCM detection component and the safety gears as braking components.  The system stops the car when a UCM occurs at a distance lower than 1 metre in accordance with the standard.

The complete system is type-tested and certificated according to EN81-1/2:A3.

System components acc. to A3

Control system = detection box
Basically, the door signal and the floor signal are used for the management of the UCM detections. If the detection box identifies an uncontrolled car movement, it opens the security circle and transmits the command to the overspeed governor (while the electricity supply of the anticreep system is interrupted and therefore the governor is blocked) . The reaction time of the D-Box is about 30ms.

Overspeed governor = UCM actuator
A bi-directional acting governor (type Vega or Star) with a blocking system (beta version with 24V coil). The anticreep system activates the governor using a coil that receives the UCM signal from the detection box.  The overspeed governor is blocked and releases the extensible acting bars by the revolving governor rope.

Safety gear and linkage bidirectional progressive safety gear ASG-1XXUD
(premounted at T-25UD)